Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the alarm system work?

    The Alarm System is developed to scare off potential thieves and reduce vandalism. The alarm system works with an accelerometer integrated into the Hub, which can sense motion (bike is moved or jolted etc.). If the alarm mode is activated, an alarm similar to a car alarm is triggered. Sound comes from the speaker and the light flashes etc.

  • Does work without my phone?

    Yes. You can always put your phone in your pocket or backpack. You will not have access to all the smart functionality, but basics such as light and eBike control will work as usual.

  • Do you recommend to leave the Hub installed on my bike everyday?

    The Hub is designed to stay fixed to your bike. Once registered, the activation lock will prevent anyone except you to use – so it is worthless to anyone else. is water-resistant and is screwed to your bike just like your wheels and other integrated parts.

  • Where do you ship to? will be shipped to the following countries:
    Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,  Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.

    Further countries will be added to the list in the future.

  • Is my e-bike compatible? is designed to support eBike systems which offer a Bluetooth wireless interface, or use a CAN-Bus for wired control. The modular assembly system allows us to interface with a wide variety of dock mechanisms used on today's eBike systems. Right now, we offer retrofit kits for the following eBikes with Bosch drives:

    Bosch Active Line (from MY 2014) Bosch Performance Line (from MY 2014) Bosch Performance Line CX .

    TranzX, Continental and Brose drives are supported, but customers can’t do the retrofit so far by themselves and can only buy bikes pre-equipped with

    Other drives systems that are not in the list are not yet supported.


  • What if I buy a new smartphone?

    We are constantly expanding the number of exchangeable cases, so chances are high that your new phone will be already supported when it comes out. We maintain a list of compatible devices on our homepage. The options will grow as new and better phones become available. You don't need to buy a new case if you choose the Universal Mount – as long as your new phone fits with the required specs, everything will work fine.

  • Will fit on my handlebars?

    The systems' mount clamps fit a handlebar with a diameter of 22.2mm to 31.8mm and standard front end welds with a max width of 54mm and diameter of 60mm, including screws. It's secured to the bike with 4 hex bolts and screwed tight with


    Compatible handlebars for COBI
  • How do I charge the battery on the standard version?

    You can charge the Battery Pack via a micro-USB cable.

  • Can I use the mount case as a daily replacement for my smartphone case?

    Yes, you can use our case all-day long. Our cases are designed to be lightweight and smooth in your hand but robust on your bike.You only have to take the Mount Case off in case you'd like to charge your phone without Another option would be to use our Universal Mount – this will give you the option to use with your own case.

For further questions and more detailed support please refer to our Support Portal.

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