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COBI – The first smart connected biking system

The perfect fusion of smartphone and bike – turns any bike into a smart bike.

COBI is helping to revolutionize the overall cycling experience by connecting your smartphone to your bike. This award-winning system provides bikes with intelligent assistance. The result is more safety, convenience, and fun on any trail or bike path. Discover how COBI is shaping the future of bike-based mobility and enjoy biking to its fullest.

Design & Innovation Award 2017CES Innovation Awards 2016 reddot award 2015

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Smart Bike Fleets
Smart Bike Fleets
Smart Bike Fleets
Smart Bike Fleets
It’s less about the bicycle and more about the cycling experience. The bike hasn’t changed a lot […] but the experience of riding it has – and now it can even be richer, if you want it to.
Frank Aldorf,
former CBO Specialized Bikes
The COBI system makes your bike smart: It bundles navigation, phone, lighting and a lot more functions.
The connected bike meets the Zeitgeist.
Manager Magazin
A great thing about Cobi is that it imports the comfort from modern connected cars into the bike riding experience.
Wearable Technologies
… you get the impression that a revolution is about to take place.
COBI is the most powerful solution for collecting, interpreting, and sharing your top-to-bottom ride experience.
Bike World News

COBI Connects to Everything


COBI is designed for maximum compatibility with other software. Other iOS and Android apps, APIs, and SDK can be connected to COBI.

  • Jabra
  • NuVinci
  • Beats
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music


The following bike manufacturers deliver bikes with COBI preinstalled.

  • winora
  • Rotwild
  • Schindelhauer
  • Gazelle
  • Ghost
  • Raleigh


COBI is the perfect way to control and enrich the cycling experience on e-bikes. With our patented Adapter Plate System and many software protocols, COBI can be connected to the engine and replaces the original display (HMI).

  • Brose
  • TransX
  • inpulse
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