for e-bikes with Bosch motor

Connect your Bosch eBike with your digital world

Connect your Bosch eBike with your smartphone and turn it into a real smart bike – with connected services such as: fitness data, route tracking and much more. The app can be controlled easily and comfortably with the existing Bosch control unit and also features voice feedback. Upgrade your eBike with COBI.Bike today.

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COBI.Bike simply replaces the Bosch display and is plugged onto the central display holder.


  • Smartphone mount

    Plug & Play for Bosch

    Simple upgrade: uses the original display adapter and control unit.

  • Biking App

    Cycling App

    100% designed for cyclists. Integrates motor data and battery range in real-time.

  • Navigation and weather

    Navigation & Weather

    2D/3D navigation with voice commands and live battery range warning. Accurate weather forecast.

  • AmbiSense light system

    AmbiSense Light System

    Sensor-based front light with LED daytime running light.(StVZO)

  • Safety and security


    Smart alarm system, digital bell and hub authentication.



COBI.Bike and your smartphone – Endless possibilities

Plug & Play

  • The smartphone and the COBI.Bike hub replace the central Intuvia/ Nyon display
  • The original display can still be used at any time
  • Comfortably and securely controlled with the Bosch control unit*
  • Charges your smartphone directly from the eBike battery
  • Basic functions can also be used without a smartphone (motor, light)

* Purion users need to retrofit the central display adapter beforehand

Navigation & Tracking

  • 2D/3D bike navigation with voice commands
  • Worldwide offline maps for free (OSM)
  • Marked cycle paths, trails and tracks
  • Live range warning when the navigation system is in use
  • Synchronizes with komoot tours automatically from your komoot account
  • Route and Fitness tracking with komoot, Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit
  • Ride recording also works with your smartphone in your bag

Integrated Accessories

  • Flexible Universal Mount for smartphones between 4 and 6 inches
  • iPhone Mount Case including charging contacts and rain cover
  • Bright, automatic front light (65 Lux Osram LED)
  • LED daytime running light that increases visibility in road traffic
  • Automatic rear light, wireless and removable
  • Theft protection through motion activated alarm (light and sound)
  • Hub software protection against unauthorized use
  • Bell sound via the control unit (speaker integrated in the COBI.Bike hub)


Smartphone App for Android & iPhone

  • Award-winning app design built for cyclists
  • App controlled via Bosch control unit + voice guidance
  • Make and take phone calls
  • Audio control, e.g. Music App, Spotify and Audible
  • Accurate ride weather forecasts incl. amount of road surface water (visualization)
  • Real-time data (watts, cadence, calories, ascent, etc.)
  • Customizable fitness zones and average values
  • Voice update on real-time/average values and zones on demand  
  • Compatible with heart rate bluetooth sensors
  • 3 sources of speed data (including GPS)
  • Continous app updates included

Designed for eBikes with Bosch drive system

Upgrade today and turn your eBike into a smart bike!


The COBI.Bike system for eBikes with Bosch drives is compatible with all 2014-2017 Active, Performance and Performance Line CX drives (incl. the “eMTB” drive unit update)

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COBI.Bike GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Therefore we are able to guarantee that current, as well as future Bosch eBike components, can be combined with COBI.Bike. compatible with Bosch eBike

"Bosch eBike Systems has investigated the compatibility of the COBI.Bike products with the Bosch drive system. The result of this investigation was positive and has shown that the components interact functionally. Therefore, the warranty and guarantee arrangements for the Bosch eBike components retain their validity when used in conjunction with COBI.Bike products." 
– Robert Bosch GmbH



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