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For many, mobile life no longer revolves around a car or even a drivers’ license. Nowadays, mobility is centered on the phone. As cities get connected, people are discovering more intelligent ways to move. They are combining different modes of transport into a new style of urban mobility, which is cleaner, more efficient, and increasingly bicycle-based. Using the COBI.Bike system with your smartphone gives you access to this intelligent, bike-based, mobility.

Smart Bike Fleets

Smart Bike Fleets

The COBI.Bike system keeps you and your staff moving. E-fleets are managed over-the-air and serviced on-site – making a COBI.Bike equipped eBike the smartest, quickest, and most economical way to commute.

  • Tax efficient employee mobility
  • Boosts health and productivity
  • Reduces corporate carbon footprint
  • Safe on-bike communication
  • Integrated fleet management
Intelligent Logistics

Intelligent Logistics

From parcels to pizza, more and more freight goes by bike – dispatched, tracked and traced by phone. COBI.Bike gives riders the perfect cockpit for staying on top of a complex schedule – all while staying safe.

  • Location-based pickup and delivery
  • Crowd-sourced workforce
  • Reputational feedback
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Integrated fleet management
Enhanced Tourism

Enhanced Tourism

COBI.Bike turns a rental into a guided tour. And our system helps keep your fleet in shape, while protecting your assets for the long term.

  • Tour planning and navigation
  • Location-based augmentation
  • Voice integration for guides
  • Couponing & location-based media
  • Integrated fleet management
OEM Integration

OEM Integration

Create bike products which appeal to a young and mobile generation. By building on top of our hard- and software platform manufacturers add smarts to their bikes and a direct line to their customers.

  • Attractive for a digital, urban audience
  • Certification for many drive platforms
  • Over-the-air diagnostics and updates
  • Extensible and customizable hard- and software

Many products and services are already connected with COBI.Bike and many more are in the works.
Introducing some example projects:


Your data is safe with COBI. The data we collect, process and store serve only to ensure the best possible ride experience for COBI owners. We ask you for permission before using your data and we only access what is needed to deliver our promise of more intelligent cycling. Our data policies are designed to comply with some of the strictest data privacy laws in the world: the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and Telemediengesetz (TMG) as well as the European data privacy directives. We use strong cryptography to protect your data, all the way from the COBI hub through our apps and our datacentres, and we demand the same high standards from partners.

The bottom line: you retain control of your data and can revoke access permissions you may choose to grant to COBI and/or our patners at any time.

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