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Bosch eBike Systems plans the takeover of COBI GmbH

Bosch eBike Systems, a leading supplier in the field of eBike drive systems, is planning to acquire the Frankfurt am Main-based connected-biking start-up COBI. (…) "The acquisition of COBI GmbH provides the ideal opportunity to expand the product portfolio of Bosch eBike Systems in the area of connected products and services. COBI offers the necessary expertise and experience, as well as the appropriate technologies for a successful partnership".

Partners create a new category of urban bicycles

Regardless of age, today’s consumers live in a connected world and enjoy a “smart” lifestyle, surrounded by the “Internet of Things” including smart fridges, smartphones, and connected TVs. This lifestyle, driven by technology, continues until they hop on their bikes. NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., and COBI are pushing the boundaries of the status quo by reinventing the riding experience with smart technology. Known for their innovative products, NuVinci Cycling and COBI joined forces to craft a joint smartbike system that meets the needs of today’s modern cyclist, allowing them to ride smarter.

Trailblazing projects at Eurobike – COBI opens its app and reveals details of its new partnership with Microsoft

With the Software Development Kit (SDK), COBI opens its app for developers and enables third parties to integrate numerous new enhancements into the COBI app. In addition to users, companies too are welcome to create bicycle-specific app enhancements for their business applications. COBI, Microsoft and the “Brezel Bike” (“Pretzel Bike”) pilot project collaboratively showed at Eurobike (Stand A2-208) how this can look in the corporate sector.

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En e et, une connexion intelligente établie entre le smartphone du cycliste et son vélo o re une expérience entièrement nouvelle. Récompensé par plusieurs prix internationaux, ce système confère aux vélos réguliers et électriques des fonctions modernes d’assistance intelligente qui ensemble renforcent la sécurité, le confort et le plaisir sur toutes les pistes cyclables. COBI inaugure ainsi aujourd’hui le futur de la mobilité urbaine en ajoutant une dimension technologique et futuriste à la pratique du vélo.

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