COBI.Bike DevKit (SDK)

World's first open biking cockpit

The COBI.Bike DevKit opens up the system to create your own ideas. From a tiny dashboard module to a full-scale business tool. Become a DevKit developer.


Built with the COBI.Bike DevKit

Modules that change the riding experience

Ping Module

Quickly send text messages with current location

  • Browse message templates via handlebar remote
  • Pick contact from address book
  • Sends text message via Online API
  • Current location and ETA are attached
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News Module

Browse current news and read later

  • Retrieves current news from Online API
  • Reads headlines via voice feedback
  • Skip to next/previous article via handlebar remote
  • Add to Safari's Reading List with a single tap
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Commute Module

Catch a train and keep an eye on transfer time

  • Retrieves train stations from Online API
  • Set nearby station as navigation destination
  • Calculates transfer time based on ETA and time table
  • Pick a train via handlebar remote
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Grid Module

Customizable data dashboard

  • Drag'n'drop interface
  • Shows up to 15 real-time data points
  • Interface zooms in/out via handlebar remote
  • Remembers user preference for next ride
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Radar Module

Nearby riders on a map in real-time

  • Shows current location with trail
  • Zoom out to see nearby riders in real-time
  • Interactively browse map via handlebar remote
  • Tap on other riders to join up
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COBI.Bike DevKit Demos

How do you want to ride?

For the first time ever you can rapidly build interactive experiences designed for bikes and e-bikes.
Whatever your idea, you can bring it to life with a simple tap of the thumb controller.

Find your friends

The Radar module keeps track of your buddies while your ride. Want to meet and ride together? Just hit the controller button.

Send messages

Fire off short messages to your contacts via the Thumb Controller: "I'm leaving now", "Running late...", "Nearly there!" at the touch of a button.  The Ping module helpfully adds an estimated time of arrival using fully scaled turn-by-turn navigation of the app.

Personalize your dashboard

The Grid module is a customizable data dashboard which lets the rider personalize the data and level of detail that is right for them. 

Make the connection

The Commute module keeps an eye on your connecting train for you while you ride - thanks to integration with the Bahn API. Now you know just how fine you can cut it!


Take modules on a test ride

Register as a developer to get started

  • Become a developer on
  • Once registered app will provide access to modules
  • Additional slot available for developers to enter own module URL
  • Available on iOS and Android

Become a Developer

How it works

Built for the web, supercharged by COBI.Bike

  • COBI.Bike Modules are regular web-apps with a few extra lines of Javascript
  • Hosted by the native app which provides easy access to thumb controller, fitness, bike & e-bike data
  • Hardware simulation and data playback capability via Google Chrome with the COBI.Bike DevKit extension
  • Real on-bike testing and data recording with a COBI.Bike system (after developer registration)
  • Great documentation written by developers, for developers
  • Start Coding
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