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For use of the App, between GmbH (hereafter named and the user. 

With the App, provides the user with a platform which deals with topics concerning cycling and where content such as routes, duration and so on can be provided by and by the users. In this respect, provides the technical platform only. The service from works via a mobile phone in connection with the Hub.


1. Usage, Availability and Termination of Use

In general, anybody who adheres to our terms of use may use the App free of charge. However, in order to use the features of the free App, it is necessary to own a Hub. This can be purchased either via the webshop, or in store.

Furthermore, the features of the App differ according to whether it is being used with a standard pedal bike, or with an eBike. The content of the App may be represented by text, graphics, images, video or audio. The content may come from, or from our partners, or have been created by users. 

In addition to the free content, the user also has the possibility to unlock various extra features. This enhanced functionality is available to the customer when activated by a one-off payment or via subscription. Details of the enhanced features and the current prices and subscription models for these are available on the website or via the Google and Apple App stores. All prices quoted include tax.’s offer is aimed at both consumers and businesses. A consumer is considered to be any person entering into a transaction for their own and non-commercial purpose. Use of the App for industrial or any other commercial purpose is permitted.

Anybody wanting to use the App must first be registered. The user will not be charged for registering. The opening of a user account between the user and constitutes a contract without an expiry date.

To use the App it is necessary to create a user account and login via the Hub. After logging in via the Hub the user is able to use the App in connection with the Hub. The user is obliged to enter full and correct registration details, and to keep these details up-to-date. The user is also obliged to protect these details from use by a third party and to refrain from passing these details along to a third party. will endeavour to ensure the on going usability of the platform in so far as it can influence this. is under no obligation to provide continual availability of the platform content. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information available via the App, regardless of whether the content comes from or from a third party.

The user may terminate their use of the App free of charge at any time and without specifying a reason.  This does not affect the right to terminate by either party. is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and delete the user account should the user seriously or repeatedly break the terms of use.


2. Prohibited Content and Usage

Besides the features developed by, the App also interfaces with various external services such as Telenav Scout and AccuWeather. Accordingly, content about may be displayed via our interface but is created by external providers.

The following use of our App and/or user-created content is not permitted and may lead to the immediate suspension of the user. The consequences for such action are entirely at the discretion of

Prohibited are: any posts, content and /or action which: 

  • Contain illegal pornographic or otherwise offensive material which contravenes the child protection policy, also
  • Any contribution which damages the private or business reputation of any person. 

Also forbidden is: 

  • Any violation of copyright or trademark held by a third party. 
  • Any form of discrimination against others. 
  • The uploading of software with the intention to spy on, attack or in any other way damage or its users, as well as 
  • Any type of unsolicited advertising

Each user is obliged to adhere to the basic rules of courteous behaviour. Insults and personal attacks of any kind will be deleted from, regardless of whether the attacks are directed against the platform operator, other users or third parties. The same applies to all posts that violate the law. reserves the right to remove posts without explanation.


3. Copyrights, Usage Rights, Patents and Trademarks 

In publishing content via the App interface (e.g. routes from external provider Strava), the user agrees that their published content and files on the App may be made publically available. Should the user be unclear about the copyright situation of their content, this content should remain unpublished.

In the event that becomes subject to legal action taken against it by a third party as a result of content published via the App interface, then the user is obliged to indemnify against such claims and to assume any costs associated with this.

Content created by or its partners is protected by Copyright. All rights to the content are reserved and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. The content may not by copied, distributed, altered or made available to third parties without prior consent from and/or its partners. The trademarks from and its partners must be observed.

Any violation of the aforementioned terms will be prosecuted by and any damages found to have been caused by violations by the user must be reimbursed by the user, including any legal costs incurred.


4. Defects, Warranty and Liability 

Statutory legal rights apply for claims due to defects. The rights of the consumer remain unaffected. provides no guarantee that the result desired by the user will be achieved by using the App. does not guarantee concrete success. For example, the pre-calculated journey time can vary according to factors beyond control such as the physical condition of the individual user, or traffic conditions. This means that the results for different people at different times may vary greatly despite using the App in the same way. This also applies to additional features such as the weather forecast from AccuWeather, as this is from an external provider. is liable for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health which occur as a result of breach of duty by or a legal representative or agent of, and for damages resulting from lacking the condition guaranteed or from fraudulent behaviour. Furthermore accepts unlimited liability for damages caused by or representatives or agents of either intentionally or through gross negligence. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected. In all other cases,'s liability as well as the liability of our legal representatives or agents shall be excluded. assumes no responsibility or liability for any legal relations between users. will not act as contractual partner in the case of a contract negotiation about the platform between two users or a user and a partner and is not liable should a user breach such a contract.

The personal data provided by the user in the user account will not be passed by to a third party without prior consent or unless legally required.


5. Personal Data handles personal data in accordance with the privacy policy, the current version of which is available at The privacy policy describes the extent to which personal data is visible to other users or third parties and which options are available to control the disclosure to other users.


6. Amendments to the Terms of Use is entitled to change the terms of use at any time and without giving reasons. Should the user make no objection to the change within four weeks, the revised terms shall be deemed to have been accepted by the user.


7. Severability Clause:

Should one or more of these terms become invalid or void, the remaining terms shall remain unaffected. The invalid or void term shall be deemed replaced by the term that most closely represents the sense and purpose of the term which has been declared invalid or void.


8. Governing Law: 

If the user is a consumer then German law applies, so long as there is no conflict with legal regulations, in particular Consumer Protection Regulations, in the country where the user resides.


9. Supplier Information 

Name: GmbH
Address: Solmsstraße 4, 60486
Managing Directors: Andreas Gahlert, Dr. Gregor Dasbach
USt-IdNr.: DE 296 148 605

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