COBI Specifications

COBI smartphone compatibility

Apple iPhone

iPhone hardware:
The fully integrated Mount Case with integrated Smartphone charging is available for:
Apple iPhone 6(s) / 7
Apple iPhone 6(s) Plus

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can also be used with COBI. The COBI Mount Case for iPhone 6(s) and 6(s) Plus fits for the new models - the only limitation is that the camera opening is not large enough to take pictures while the phone is in the COBI Mount Case.
 Alternatively, the COBI Universal Mount is now a great solution as the new iPhone models are water resistant and provide louder stereo sound.

Other iPhones can be used via the Universal Mount - COBI supports iPhone 5 and newer.

The COBI app is optimized for iOS 9.0 or better.


Android smartphones

The following Android phones are tested and recommended by COBI:
• Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge)
• Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge)
• Sony Xperia Z5
• Google Nexus 5X
• Huawei P9

Smartphones which are not listed, but which use one of the operating systems stated below, may also be compatible with the COBI system so long as they meet the following technical specifications. However, the complete compatibility of the COBI system with any smartphone not listed cannot be guaranteed.

Recommended Specifications:
• Android 5.0 or newer
• Screen Size > 5”
• CPU: Quad Core 2 GHz
• > 1GB free memory
• Bluetooth SMART (BLE) 4.1 or newer
• Micro USB (type B, male) connector*

Minimum Specifications:
• Android 4.4
• Screen Size > 4”
• CPU: Quad Core 1,4 GHz
• > 200MB free memory
• Bluetooth SMART (BLE) 4.0 
• Micro USB (type B, male) connector*

*The Universal Mount may cover your phone's USB connector or buttons once mounted on COBI Hub. For best performance, please make sure that your phone's connector is on the top or bottom part of the phone, and NOT towards the middle of its sides.


COBI eBike drive compatibility

The COBI sets for eBikes with Bosch drives available from our webshop are compatible with:
• Bosch Active Line (MY 2014-2016)
• Bosch Performance Line (MY 2014-2016)
• Bosch Performance Line CX
• Bosch Nyon (Remote needs to be replaced by Intuvia Remote)

Other drives from TranzX, Brose and Impulse are supported but COBI is only available pre-equipped and currently can’t be added as a retrofit kit.

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