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The perfect fusion of your smartphone and your bike

Turns your bike into a cutting edge smart bike

We believe that every bike rider should be able to integrate smart mobile technology into every ride. The unique COBI.Bike system turns your bike into a cutting edge smart bike and connects it with your digital world. It unites several cycling essentials into one intelligent, intuitive, and hands-free dashboard. More safety, convenience, and fun – no matter where your journey takes you.


COBI.Bike is the future friendly system that meets your essential cycling needs:

  • Smartphone mount

    Charging mount

    Phone charging and remote control

  • Biking App

    Biking app

    Made for cyclists – free updates included

  • Navigation and weather

    Navigation and weather

    3D turn-by-turn voice guidance and weather forecasts

  • AmbiSense light system

    AmbiSense light system

    Automatic front- and rear-light

  • Safety and security

    Safety and security

    Helps keep your bike and your bike ride safe and secure

Smartphone mounting, charging and control.

Less Set-Up. More Action.

We love smartphones and their evolving performance: that’s why the COBI.Bike hub puts them at the center of everything. As the mission control for the entire COBI.Bike experience, the hub securely holds, protects, charges, and manages your phone while cycling. Think of it as the brain your bike always wanted.

Mounting options

Put your phone* into the robust mount case, slide it on the hub, and be assured that your phone will stay in place – even on bumpier rides. The Mount Case is available for iPhone X and 6/7/8 in standard and plus sizes and comes with a clear and protective rain cover. The flexible Universal Mount fits iPhones or Android phones up to 8.5 cm width. On heavy trails or in really bad weather, just put your smartphone in your pocket. COBI.Bike communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth still controlled by the thumb controller.

  • Up to six inches in size

    Up to 8.5 cm width

  • Rain cover

    Rain cover

Smartphone Hub

The central hub is the perfect way to secure your phone to your handlebars. Installation is quick, easy, and comes with bike-ready robustness. It is also the central intelligence for the system with sophisticated sensors and wireless connections. The hub is firmly attached to your handlebars* using a robust screw-on mechanism.

  • installation


  • Shockproof


  • Water-resistant


Continuous Phone Charging

The system continuously charges your phone while riding. The regular bike version comes with a rechargeable battery pack that extends your phone's battery life. If your bike is equipped with a hub dynamo, you can continuously charge the battery pack while riding if the dynamo cable is connected. The version for eBikes with Bosch motor is directly powered from the eBike's battery.

  • Increased Smartphone Life

    Increased Smartphone Life

Thumb Controller

The intuitive six-button thumb controller makes sure you’re in control of all features, while keeping your hands where they belong: securely gripping your handlebars. A dedicated bell button also helps to increase your safety.

  • 100% control

    100% control

  • Eyes on the road

    Eyes on the road

Smart and expandable biking app.

Less Hassle. More Control.

The award-winning interface with its sleek and intuitive design has been optimized for use on bikes. No matter if it’s music, weather, real-time data, or just calling a friend while underway, the COBI.Bike system makes every trip something special. And thanks to the integrated thumb controller, you can keep your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road. Finally, no more smartphone juggling while riding.

Clean and sleek design

Think bike computer on steroids. The COBI.Bike dashboard gives you quick access to speed, weather, fitness, and performance info in a beautiful interface that will make your car dashboard jealous. For that extra kick of motivation, the performance bar visualizes how much effort you’re putting in – the bar fills up depending on your speed, weight, and gradient.

  • Real-time data

    Real-time data

  • Awarded design

    Awarded design

Simple navigation principle

Use the thumb controller to quickly fly through the COBI.Bike features – the wheel menu is the smooth and playful interface for your riding experience.

  • Intuitive usage

    Intuitive usage

Audio on your fingertips

All the control you’d expect, with the simplicity of a thumb controller. Start, stop, and pause your tunes with an intuitive press of your thumb. COBI.Bike works with all your media apps, too – from Spotify to podcasts.

  • Local music

    Local music

  • Music streaming

    Music streaming

  • Podcasts


Make and take calls

Make a quick call by selecting a contact using the thumb controller. You can also answer calls without letting go of the handlebars, which means no more risky phone action while riding.

  • Favorites list

    Favorites list

Full sensor support

Satisfy your quantified self. The COBI.Bike system integrates with Bluetooth sensors to display real-time data like cadence, performance, and heart rate zone, calories, and ascent directly on the dashboard. It integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit and Strava so you can track your rides automatically.

  • Bluetooth and ANT+

    Bluetooth Smart

  • Multiple sensors

    Multiple sensors

Bike optimized turn-by-turn navigation and weather forecasts

Less Fiddling. More Riding.

We reimagined navigation and weather forecasts from a cyclist’s point of view. The full-size bike navigation, based on OpenStreetMap, is completed by extremely accurate weather data with down-to-the-minute forecasts.

Quick route planning

The blazing-fast route selection begins with a tap on the home screen. It takes your current bike location into account, which means setting up the perfect route is done in just three steps. The COBI.Bike system lets you choose between the fastest, shortest, and quietest route, taking into account relevant information like ground surface. – Connect your Komoot account to extend the best connected biking system with the best tour planning experience. Upload great GPX-tours from the community or create bike-type optimized multi-destination tours or round trips – even on the go. All saved routes will instantly appear within COBI.Bike to enjoy full-size 3D or 2D navigation with turn-by-turn voice commands.

Turn-by-turn bike navigation

For optimal bike route guidance, the COBI.Bike app offers a beautiful full-size navigation with turn-by-turn voice feedback – based on OpenStreetMap (OSM). You can switch 3D perspective or 2D top-down map view with the Thumb Controller at any time. The navigation uses vector maps to reduce mobile data usage. Feel free to download global offline maps for free to navigate even without internet connection.

Real-time biking weather

Working with the world’s best data providers, the COBI.Bike system gives you a minute-precise, hyper-local forecast for your bike ride – indicating chances of rain, felt temperature, and other important info.

AmbiSense Light System

Less Dull. More Brilliant.

Bike lights have come a long way since those bulky dynamos. Inspired by modern cars, we created a distinctive system that makes sure you are always visible to others. The sensor-based smart lighting comes with three different modes for varying conditions: daytime running light, low-power beam, and full beam. What’s more, it includes a wireless automatic rear light with turn signals.

AmbiSense Front Light

Turn it on manually or set it to automatic to let the system turn it on for you when it’s getting dark. The bright 65 Lux front light meets the German road traffic licensing regulations, the StVZO – one of the most demanding certifications worldwide. There are three modes for varying conditions: daytime running light, low-power beam, and full beam.

  • Auto-controlled light


  • Daytime running light

    Daytime running light

  • Low-power beam

    Low-power beam

  • Full beam

    Full beam

AmbiSense Rear Light with turn signals

A clever light that knows what’s up. The rear light is wirelessly integrated into the COBI.Bike system and turns on with the front light. The turn signals can be triggered from the handlebars.

  • Auto-controlled light

    Turn Signals

  • Low-power beam

    Smart algorithm

Safety and Security

Less Worries. More Protection.

COBI.Bike helps to keep your bike and your bike ride safe and secure. The integrated water-resistant speaker doubles as an electronic bell as well as a loud alarm that helps to keep thieves away from your bike.

  • Smart alarm system

    Smart alarm system

    Detects suspicious movements

    When activated via a tap in the COBI.Bike App, the hub detects and reacts sensitively to suspicious movements with a multilevel alarm that gets louder and starts flashing.

  • Smart alarm system

    Electronic bell

    Attention when you need it

    To ensure pedestrians know that you’re approaching, the integrated electronic bell can be triggered by pressing the dedicated bell button. The built-in speaker imitates the sound and volume of a standard bike bell.

  • Smart alarm system

    Hub protection

    Your smartphone is the key

    Once initially activated, your phone is the only device to connect to the COBI.Bike hub, making it useless to anyone else. The system wakes up and welcomes you if you approach your bike with your phone. Magic.

  • Updates and upgrades

    Updates and upgrades

    Always the latest must-haves

    The COBI.Bike experience is continually evolving. Unlike other systems, COBI.Bike builds on your smartphone. This makes it easy to wirelessly add features, which you can benefit from the get-go. New phone? No problem! COBI.Bike will always feel fresh, leveraging your smartphone speed, screen brilliance, and overall performance. With additional wireless hub firmware-upgrades, there’s no more getting stuck with a system that gets stale quickly.

  • Smart alarm system

    Bosch Plug & Play Upgrade!

    The smartphone makes the smart bike

    With the Bosch motor COBI.Bike is even much more fun! The classic display is now a relic of the past. The installation is child's play: your Intuvia or Nyon control unit and the central display holder remain on your handlebars! Just replace the existing display with the COBI.Bike hub and you can easily control the support modes and the light. With your smartphone and the free COBI.Bike app, now you have available a modern, fully-integrated control center – with komoot tours, real-time fitness data, tour tracking, voice guidance and much more. The best: your eBike battery is charging your smartphone! Connect your eBike to your digital world!

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The smartest upgrade for bikes

The COBI.Bike fits all standard handlebars on the planet. Choose the perfect system to match your bike, your phone, and your style. Ships to almost every country and comes with a 24-month warranty and 30-day return policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you ship to?

    COBI.Bike will be shipped to the following countries:
    Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,  Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.

    Further countries will be added to the list in the future.

  • Is my eBike compatible?

    Currently, we offer the COBI.Bike System as a retrofit kit for eBikes with Bosch engines listed below. The Hub is pushed or locked onto the central Intuvia / Nyon display holder on the handlebar. The hub and the free app (iOS and Android) are controlled via the original control unit of the Bosch eBike.

    Supported Bosch engines
    - Bosch Active Line (from model year 2014)
    - Bosch Performance Line (from model year 2014)
    - Bosch Performance Line CX

    Bosch Purion Display-Remote
    The Purion control unit can be converted to the Bosch Intuvia display holder and is then compatible with the COBI.Bike System for Bosch eBikes.

    Bosch eShift / Automatic gearshifts
    For eBikes with a Bosch engine, only the Bosch eShift protocol is used. This protocol is not yet part of the functional scope of the COBI.Bike System. The electronic switching solution “H-Sync” from Enviolo/NuVinci is directly (natively) supported for individual eBikes without Bosch engine.

  • What if I buy a new smartphone?

    We are constantly expanding the number of exchangeable cases, so chances are high that your new phone will be already supported when it comes out. The options will grow as new and better phones become available. You don't need to buy a new case if you choose the Universal Mount – as long as your new phone fits with the required specs, everything will work fine.

  • Will the COBI.Bike system fit on my handlebars?

    The COBI.Bike systems' mount clamps fit a handlebar with a diameter of 22.2mm to 31.8mm and standard front end welds with a max width of 54mm and diameter of 60mm, including screws. It's secured to the bike with 4 hex bolts and screwed tight with COBI.Bike.


    Compatible handlebars for COBI
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